How to Choose a Wedding Venue


Shady Wagon Farm Bride
Photo Credit: J & J Photography

Choosing a wedding venue is a very important step in planning your wedding. Aside from having a location for your ceremony, so much of the wedding planning process relies on the venue that you have chosen. Here are some guidelines to help make the selection process easier.

First, plan your budget for your wedding. You can find some help with this at Next, decide on the geographical location of your ceremony. Make a list of venues in that area that reflect your wedding theme or style. Are you looking for a venue with a chapel, a rustic barn, an elegant estate house or hotel, a garden, or warm sandy beaches to dig your bare feet in the sand? Once you find the venues that fit your style, find out which ones have your wedding date available and can accommodate your guest count before scheduling a tour. Be sure to inquire about pricing information beforehand to ensure that the venue fits your budget.

Venues offer different amenities and accommodations. Decide which ones are most important to you. Visit the venue websites for pictures and other information prior to scheduling a tour. If a venue does not yet have a website, do an online search using the name of the venue to locate and view potential online photographs of previous weddings there.

Once you have narrowed down your selections and scheduled tours, write a list of questions to ask. Examples are things such as what the venue’s policies are, do they have any restrictions, what is the rental period, do they have an onsite caterer or wedding planner, offer table, chairs, linens, handicap facilities, free parking, or other assistance that you are interested in.

Most importantly, don’t make your final decision about your venue until you have personally toured one or more locations. Often, brides will make a different choice than what they thought they would. Pictures may not reflect the true beauty of a venue, and in some instances exaggerate the appeal of others. If the beauty and feel of a place are suited to the things most important to you, you will readily know that you have found the perfect venue.


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